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#6 The Houdini Elastic

Just like The Great Houdini, the elastic on your index and middle fingers will escape past the second guarding rubber band and land on your ring and baby fingers…then he will escape back into the prison of your index and… Continue reading

#5 Cup or Pocket

It’s like “The Old Shell Game” only simpler: not 3 shells and a pea – just one tiny cup and a ball. And then you ask: “Is the ball in the cup or my pocket?” And just when they think… Continue reading

Two Easter Weekends of Magic!!


Join Us for Easterfest! Two weekends!!
March 19, 20, 25, 26, & 27, 2016

“Abracadabra” Magic with Steve “The Great Steverino” Baker at 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m. each day!

Come on out… Continue reading

March Break Magic(4 different days)!

On Sunday, March 13th, Baker Magic Shows is pleased to be part of the City of Brampton‘s “Bunny Eggcitement Free Community Event at the South Fletcher Sportplex at 500 Ray Lawson Blvd.

The Great Steverino will perform… Continue reading

February 15th is Family Day!!

The Great Steverino is excited to be performing at the Alliston Boston Pizza on Monday, February 15th.

Balloon animals from 12:30 PM until SHOW TIME AT 1 PM!!

#4 Coin in Paper

It’s the tiniest escape in the history of magic. A coin is wrapped in a piece of paper, then it is taped shut. With a simple wave of your magic wand, Houdini the Coin is gone!!

I was in a… Continue reading

#3 Rope Thru Thumb

In this one, there are TWO, count ‘em, TWO Tricks in One – A volunteer holds the tip of your thumb while another pulls on the rope that is wrapped around your thumb. And YES, the rope goes RIGHT thru… Continue reading

#2 Cut and Restored Tissue

This trick is a very easy switch. When done smoothly it will have your audience’s jaws dropping. You just tear up a tissue, put it back together and then show your hands empty. Clean!!

You are going to get two!…count… Continue reading

#1 Which Pile Card Trick


Playing cards are the most used item in all of magic. Here is a self-working card trick that is sure to kickstart your reputation as a mind reader with the powers of precognition, allowing you to peer into the… Continue reading