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#24 Two Cards & Two Elastics

Don’t blink or you’ll miss this Magic Quickie? The Magician holds two cards in one hand. The card closest to the audience is clearly wrapped in 2 rubber bands. By simply tapping the cards onto the table top, the elastics… Continue reading

March Break 2018!!

Where can you see Baker Magic Shows this March Break?

Monday, March 12 at Noon:

Steve will be strolling through the Orillia Square Mall in Orillia, Ontario performing his close up magic from 11:30am until show time at… Continue reading

#23 Random Numbers Prediction

The Magician hands a volunteer an envelope, then proceeds to create a random number by asking for a one digit number from 3 new volunteers. But that’s not where it ends. To make the final number even more randomly impossible… Continue reading

February 19th is Family Day, 2018

The Great Steverino is excited to be returning to the Alliston Boston Pizza at 27 Young Street on Monday, February 19th.

He will be creating Balloon Animals for all the kids from 12:30 PM until SHOW TIME AT 1 PM… Continue reading

#21 The Cups & Balls – Phase 1

Dating back to 2500 B.C., the Cups and Balls is the oldest recorded magic effect. The magician sets 3 balls down on the table and then places 3 inverted cups down behind the balls. In Phase 1, each ball is… Continue reading

#20 The Classic Coin From Ear

The Magician borrows a coin from a spectator. He tosses the coin from one hand into the other, blows on his closed fist, and slowly opens his fingers to show the coin has vanished. Where did it go? Looking towards… Continue reading

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