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ONLINE Magic Shows, WHAT!!!

Baker Magic Shows is now performing Interactive Magic Shows for the Whole Family ONLINE! Come to to see our variety of interactive family magic shows and characters and take a crash course on how to host your very… Continue reading

Baker Magic Shows & ZOOM 101

Baker Magic Shows is now performing Magic Shows ONLINE and right here is a crash course for you on how to host your own Zoom Party.

#29 The Fastest Calculator

The Magician and audience members suggest random numbers and the magician writes them onto a pad of paper until there are 5 four digit numbers listed. Calculators are given out and audience members begin to add the numbers, while the… Continue reading

#28 The Coin & The Balloon

The magician holds a clear balloon and a coin in his/her hand. He/she takes the mouth of the balloon in the other hand and then blows up the balloon. Then impossibly, the magician pushes the coin through the balloon, where… Continue reading

#27 The Vanishing Thimble

The magician shows a thimble on his/her right index finger. The thimble is covered by the left hand. The magician blows on the back of the left hand and removes the hand to reveal that the thimble has vanished from… Continue reading

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