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Welcome To Magic Tricks & Secrets

Magic Tricks & Secrets is where you will find 33 magic tricks (and counting) and their secrets for kids to learn and perform for their friends. Come have a look, be amazed and then learn!!
Steve Baker is a… Continue reading

#1 Only Move One Cup Puzzle!!

Here’s your first puzzle. Get your props, listen to the rules of the puzzle, try to solve it, come back for the clue and go back and solve it. If you can’t solve it, that’s ok, I’ve got you covered.… Continue reading

Welcome To Puzzles To Solve!

In The Puzzles To Solve playlist, kids get to exercise their brain power and try to solve puzzles using household items. Come test your skill!!
Steve Baker is a magician located in the GTA residing North of Orangeville, Ontario.… Continue reading

#1 Making a Balloon Dog. Woof!!

The first balloon animal everyone (me included) learns how to create!! Got your balloon and pump?? Let’s Go!! No Balloon or Pump, come watch and learn how it’s done, then come back again when you have the stuff and make… Continue reading

Welcome To Balloon Animal Central!

Before we make a balloon animal, let’s talk about the balloons, the pumps, the knot and the basic twists!!
Steve Baker is a magician located in the GTA residing North of Orangeville, Ontario.

Since 1997, Steve has entertained adults… Continue reading

#32 The Broken & Escaping Rubber Band

As the trick begins, the magician accidently breaks a rubber band. Luckily, being a magician that is no problem. The restored rubber band is then wrapped around the magician’s fingers to trap it, a volunteer holds the tip of the… Continue reading

#31 The Cups & Balls Phase 2

Onto the second phase of The Cups & Balls routine. Go back to Video # 21 to review Phase 1 and then watch Phase 2 where the balls magically move from cup to cup, even moving where the audience wants it to go!!

#30 The “I Do” & “You Do” Card Trick

The magician does an action and then the volunteer repeats the same action and after a few moves both their cards are the only 2 cards that have magically been reversed in the deck!!

#29 The Fastest Calculator

The Magician and audience members suggest random numbers and the magician writes them onto a pad of paper until there are 5 four digit numbers listed. Calculators are given out and audience members begin to add the numbers, while the… Continue reading