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Magic School

#32 The Broken & Escaping Rubber Band

As the trick begins, the magician accidently breaks a rubber band. Luckily, being a magician that is no problem. The restored rubber band is then wrapped around the magician’s fingers to trap it, a volunteer holds the tip of the… Continue reading

#31 The Cups & Balls Phase 2

Onto the second phase of The Cups & Balls routine. Go back to Video # 21 to review Phase 1 and then watch Phase 2 where the balls magically move from cup to cup, even moving where the audience wants it to go!!

#30 The “I Do” & “You Do” Card Trick

The magician does an action and then the volunteer repeats the same action and after a few moves both their cards are the only 2 cards that have magically been reversed in the deck!!

#29 The Fastest Calculator

The Magician and audience members suggest random numbers and the magician writes them onto a pad of paper until there are 5 four digit numbers listed. Calculators are given out and audience members begin to add the numbers, while the… Continue reading

#28 The Coin & The Balloon

The magician holds a clear balloon and a coin in his/her hand. He/she takes the mouth of the balloon in the other hand and then blows up the balloon. Then impossibly, the magician pushes the coin through the balloon, where… Continue reading

#27 The Vanishing Thimble

The magician shows a thimble on his/her right index finger. The thimble is covered by the left hand. The magician blows on the back of the left hand and removes the hand to reveal that the thimble has vanished from… Continue reading

#25 The Special, Special Papers!

The magician puts a random number of lines, dots and circles on a small piece of paper. This paper is then wrapped in 5 special, special papers. After a magical pause, the special, special papers are unfolded and the small… Continue reading

#24 Two Cards & Two Elastics

Don’t blink or you’ll miss this Magic Quickie? The Magician holds two cards in one hand. The card closest to the audience is clearly wrapped in 2 rubber bands. By simply tapping the cards onto the table top, the elastics… Continue reading