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#16 Water to Ice

The Magician prepares for the science experiment by putting on safety goggles and preparing the area with an absorbent cloth, then measuring all the apparatus involved. Once ready, a small amount of water is poured into a cup, then after a pause and a magic word the cup is turned upside down and an ice cube falls out!! A very simple transformation to impress your audiences of all ages!!

Oops! I forgot to state one very important detail in the video. The ice cube is in the cup with the sponge from the very beginning.

Sorry!! I you may have noticed I did a bit of editing and that detail was left on the cutting room floor by accident.

So, what we have here is a very simple effect that I have dressed up as a science experiment.

You need a clear glass with water in it and an opaque container with a sponge and ice cube in it. You just pour the water into the container (the sponge soaks up the water) and then you turn the container upside down and an ice cube falls out. You have turned water into ice!!

One small point: if the sponge does not soak up water very fast, like the one in my video, after you pour the water into the opaque container, talk a little bit, say some magic words or wave your magic wand and that should give the water enough time to be soaked up by the sponge before you tip the container upside down and let the ice cube fall out.
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