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#14 Psychic Bingo

The magician asks a volunteer to use their psychic ability to divine the number concealed in a box which is in full view of the audience. The volunteer reaches into a clear Ziplock bag filled with dozens of Bingo chips numbered from 1 to 9 and removes a single chip from the bag and shouts out the number written on it. Then, the volunteer opens the box, removes the piece of paper and unfolds it to reveal that both numbers match proving that the volunteer does indeed have the power of clairvoyance.

This mystery is called Psychic Bingo because I think it’s kind of funny to say. However, instead of bingo chips, you can substitute squares of paper, coins, poker chips or whatever else you can think of, and then just change the name of the trick to what you are using.

The other thing is that this can be performed as I did in the video with the volunteer being the psychic or you, the magician can change the patter (words) so you will be the one with the psychic ability. Say: “I have a bag of bingo chips and I know what number my volunteer is going to pull out of the bag and to prove this, I have the number written on a piece of paper and concealed in this box.” Then proceed in the same way as the video.

Also this trick, like many psychic effects, is more about acting like a psychic, than performing difficult physical manipulations. You just reach into the front part of the tricky bag at the beginning and then make sure you have the volunteer reach into the back part of the bag when it’s time to choose the chip, that’s all there is to the trick.

The work comes in constructing the tricky bag. Review the video, but here are the steps:1-you need two identical bags 2-cut the top off one of the bags 3-line up the bottoms of the 2 bags 4-tape the 2 bags together 5-put different numbers chips in the front part of the bag and put “same” numbered chips or papers in the back flap.

Now, decide if you are the psychic or if your volunteer will be the psychic and practice your presentation until you feel comfortable and this psychic effect will be magic!!
Steve Baker is a magician located in the GTA residing North of Orangeville.

Since 1997, Steve has entertained adults and children at private functions and large public venues to amaze them with sleight of hand, strolling magic tricks, mentalism and fun characters from Espanola to Caledonia and from Vankleek Hill to the Saugeen Shores, Ontario.