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#10 One Handed Knot

You ask a volunteer to make a knot in a piece of string…using one hand only. After they complete the task in 30 to 60 seconds, you place the string on your palm and with a magical “flick” of your… Continue reading

#9 The Fairest Way to Vanish a Ball

A baseball is covered by a clear glass so the magician can’t even touch it and then to keep the magic a secret, a paper napkin is placed over the glass. After several failed attempts, unexpected magic happens when the… Continue reading

#8 The Fastest Trick I Know

Show your audience 2 cards. Slide them into the middle of the deck. Toss the deck from one hand to the other and by magic, the 2 cards are back in your hand. Very Fast! Very Magical!!

I can’t remember… Continue reading

#7 Think of a Colour

Looking for a “self working” Psychic effect? Here it is! A volunteer thinks of a colour and then you prove you knew which colour they would be thinking of before you even got here today.

Like many psychic effects, it… Continue reading

Happy Canada Day!

JULY 1 MAGIC is back at Downey’s Farm in BRAMPTON for a show at 1pm and then in CREEMORE, Ontario to help celebrate Canada’s 149th birthday at 8:30pm, just before the fireworks start!!

#6 The Houdini Elastic

Just like The Great Houdini, the elastic on your index and middle fingers will escape past the second guarding rubber band and land on your ring and baby fingers…then he will escape back into the prison of your index and… Continue reading

#5 Cup or Pocket

It’s like “The Old Shell Game” only simpler: not 3 shells and a pea – just one tiny cup and a ball. And then you ask: “Is the ball in the cup or my pocket?” And just when they think… Continue reading